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A love for travel and architecture....

Through my lens, every place has a story to tell.


I strive to capture an image that awakens a memory. A memory, that becomes a story.

Stories that, otherwise, might not be told. I tend to shoot what is often unseen by others. Sharing this unique vision, is what drives my work. There is so much to see in our day to day lives. There is balance, beauty and thoughtful design to be found in every nook and cranny of our world. I find that my work resonates with those fun, adventurous souls who are as unique as my art!

I live and work in Dallas, Texas. I hold a B.F.A from the University of North Texas with a concentration in Interior Design. My love for design will never leave me and greatly influences my photographic work everyday.


When I am not creating fine art work, you can also find me expressing my design sensibilities through the realm of interior and real estate photography. Contact me regarding my current rates for your interiors or architectural shoot.


To purchase my fine art photography prints, please see what's available at my Shop.


I also welcome inquiries of my artwork from wholesalers, interior designers and publishers. Please email me or call for further information on ways my photography can enhance your project and/or product.

Sonja Quintero

Squint Photography

Sonja Quintero of Squint Photography
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